2015 Photo Dump- Flies and Fish

Continuing to dig through lucky shots for 2015. This time featuring the true stars of the show, Fish and the Flies we use to fool them. There is a ton of scrutiny out there at the moment regarding grip and grins and fish mortality. There is even some finger pointing at the guide community claiming our cameras are some sort of weapon of mass extinction all of a sudden. I can only speak for myself and the guides I work very closely with daily in saying all the fish I trip on are treated with a great deal of respect. They feed my family and I truly hope a strain  of these wonderful creatures survive for countless generations in these world class waters. Truth be told most fish people land are not picture takers and they are not even touched. Grip and grins are well thought out, talked about and done very quickly with wet hands over a good rubber net. A wet fish at water level is even better.

That's all I got on that, seems like a trendy perennial topic for people who never catch fish and just assume they must have been killed by some dude who caught too many.

Respect Eagle River Wild Trout

Yeah, Le Squirm makes the "best of" cut

Barn Hole Cuttbow

Winter Caddis Magic

Spring Sipper

Cha Ching

All Muscle Eagle River Rainbow

White Beads, not just a lake pattern anymore.
Get your self some Acne today, whiteheads are all the rage.

Brad Gamble and my Client Fish of the Year

I've always said "If I ever grow up and get a real job, what little vacation time I got I would use right here on THE Eagle River." Prettiest damn fish on the planet.

Carry On, 

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