10 Rounds with Tyson

The Secret Society of Beards that have been charged with making Fly Fishing seem impossible took a major blow to the chin area this week when a team of brave purist found a long lost piece of the puzzle.

The annual round up of the Blue Hairs (Fly Fishing Shows) leaves many a fly shop across the Rockies bare and empty and not very well defended. With a fairly risk free opportunity at hand, teams of Dry Fly Nuts conducted several secret operations in search of lost evidence that would make fly fishing less of a hassle. What they found was beyond anyone's expectations. Where they found it is top secret still.

The recovered artifact has been proven authentic and researchers have reported that it is the missing scroll explaining how to use a net. Believed destroyed long ago by Mob groups connected with hatcheries and stocked fish the scroll is being described as "part of the holy grail of Fly Fishing." This has the potential to change everything we ever learned about using a net.

Photo Credit Duane Redford. One of my favorite "flush" images.

So apparently just putting Trout in the net doesn't guarantee they are breathing happily.

Time after time I have witnessed anglers net a fish and proceed to walk around with said fish out of the water, still helplessly trying to recover from a fight for its life, literally. The secret scroll explains that after netting fishy we are to gently place net in water so fishy can recover somewhat peacefully. It goes on to explain that unless its butt hooked, there is not even a need to remove the hook right away. Mind blowing isn't it?

When the net is properly held with the fish's head under water (some anglers think fish breathe through their tails) he or she is recovering not suffering. Modern nets are designed to safely make sure that fish ain't going any where, there is no big hurry, the fish is simply  a very embarrassed prisoner.

Somebody smart put it this way to me once:
"Think of going all 10 rounds with a monster like Tyson in his prime. You make it to the final bell, dead tired and exhausted after fighting for your life and your corner rewards you by shoving your face underwater so you cant breath for 2 minutes afterward". Not cool.

Making some guy hold his breath during the grip and grin project seems a bit much, but I could see where it might be fun for some.

The ancient truths have been revealed. The net is a life support system not a trap. It only works properly when submerged.

Rest peacefully confused Fly Fishermen of the 21st Century, there are forces of good working tirelessly to make this sport both easier and a whole lot less serious about itself.

Carry On

Steffie the Stocker



Her name is Steffie. She left home sometime this summer and hasn't come back for some reason. Initial reports that she was smuggled into Europe shortly after the Youth World Championships have been proven false. The investigation into sightings in Western NC and Northern GA continue.

If you see her, treat her with some love. Judging by the number of grip and grins the old girl has posed for, she seems to really like people.

Video surveillance from March 2014. Turn your volume up.

Identifying features include a crumpled little sad dorsal fin, a couple of very noticeable raceway scars and it looks like she has a broken back. Her tail fin is not exactly perfectly shaped.

After breaching the properties downstream security system we believe her adventurous spirit urged her to seek the thrill of public fun. Reported sightings were everywhere during the late summer months from the Post Office Hole down through the gauntlet of Climbing Rock to Matt Sprecher's freezer.
There is currently no reward.

The great war beast dragged Scotty T clear under water before this infamous shot.

No idea how she escaped but she was under a 5 year contract to stay on the property. She is incredibly stupid and just loves the taste of metal so more than a few of you may have seen her. Witnesses have told us she was very upset we were not posting pictures of her on the social media machine. She is addicted to the spot light and secretly wanted her own facebook page so its believed she will have a hard time laying low.

If she is hanging out in your neighborhood have plenty of Squirmy worms in your box, she especially loves the purple flavor. Soft Hackle Chartreuse Pats, Hot Spot SanJuans and a variety of #32 Emerger patterns have proved irresistible to the big idiot. Stripped eggs used to be her favorite but we think she is scared of them now.

Feed her for us.

Just want to know the dumb bitch is OK.

Happy New Year.
Carry On