Mr Shaw's Fish of the Year Canidate

Every year I try and make a few people happy by recognizing their catch as a fish of the year candidate. I am around a couple of fish during the year so there usually has to be more to the story than just the grip and grin, blah, blah, blah look at what I caught crap.

This years first fish of the year candidate is being held by my buddy Webb

This gorgeous rainbow was the last to hand on a very tough day of streamer fishing; we could see the truck. You see 16 year old Webb there is a streamer junkie, a committed one, and on this fabulous June day his dedication against the odds payed off. We bumped around Webbs father and brother while they played a few on bobber rigs from Chef Mazza's boat. Still the lad refused to break. Three hours in we had 1 fish to the boat. In the last 40 minutes he landed 7, like a man, a streamer man.

What makes this particular fish and story so special is the bug this trout assaulted. We pulled various combinations of streamers that day but Cha Ching bent the stick best. So Webb and I were slightly bummed out when some bastard rock or tree in the depths took our last one; Or so we thought. After digging around in the dark corners of my gear I came across a gift from my friend Mark Shaw......6 perfect size 6 Cha Chings. 

Well Mr Mark Shaw, thank you very much! Your fly caught that 21" toad for that young man.
By the way I need a few more.

PS Mark Shaw beat Brain Cancer and wasn't sure tying a fly was ever going to be an option.


"A Fly Fishing Guide is not a REAL Guide if he doesn't tie flies"
That is a direct quote from a rant this winter by a very veteran guide whom I respect very much.

 I cant completely agree with that statement as I know lots of great guides who do not tie much or at all. But with today's Fly Shop economics, pro guide person might end up REAL poor if he or she has to buy flies every morning. Bugs are getting very expensive, even on a guide discount, so I try and tie between 8 and 12 flies for each trip. Most of it happens at 5  in the morning, before the bustle gets up.

The worm hatch is finally starting to move downstream, opening the window around here for Mr and Mrs Caddis; my vise seems pleased to be sophisticated again. Here's a look at whats falling off the tool in the morning for trips. Most of them are used that day, almost all of them are knock offs or loose interpretations of someone else's original genius using what crap I had.

Darin pupa

Daren Puppa

Silvey's Caddis Pupa knock off, swiss straw wing buds instead of starling.

THE Eagle is about to go off. Get in touch for details on the next three weeks of double dry fly mania!!!


You down with O.P.P ?
Yeah you know me.......

Sometimes you just want to strip, twitch or tickle someone else's property, you know work it real hard and see what she can take. It takes a special bond for a dude to offer up his new baby for a test drive for the low low price of letting him know how she performed. After all its expensive keeping all that bling, beads and fur around, Naughty by Nature S#*t  you know.

You down with O.P.P?

Feel me flow now?......doubt it.

Spent the day fishing Other Peoples Patterns. Now your down with O.P.P

Sat around the shop with the boys the other night in our first fly swap of the season, Mr Caddis being the theme. Thats "Full Swap" for those of you with your mind still in the gutter, for you fly tyers it means you get some of your boys best stash.

It was a blast running someone else's spin on things at the end of a working leader for the day.
Mad genius like Thompson, G, Fors and Fred Rodgers ends up looking nothing like the dribble I see in today's fly catalogs believe you me. So as I wait patiently for float season and enjoy my own personal ground hog day on the legendary waters of Camp Hale at least I am entertained by the O.P.P

More on the twisted mind of Mr Scott Thompson

Next week we are on to MILF's (moths I'd like to fish)

Current Events

Lot goes on during run off..except blogging

2 full weeks of rowing certifications and the dry side of all our boats stayed that way!!

Great shot by one of our new guides, to bad its got my old worn out ass in the background.

Le Squirm went to the Reef and the legend continues to grow.

Got the tour of our property on Savery Creek in Wyoming, much more to come on this gem.


She has risen

What? No meat on Fridays?
Here are a few photo highlights of PRO week 1



meat you can't buy in a store

It's been a very good start to the PRO season for the Ghost and I, flows jumped up enough to start bumping rubber into rocks and the Magnum Rabbit has been turned loose.

First Run Tony

Great timing Mr C

Josh Miller went "Brooklyn" on them

A Brown Trout from under a bridge where I never seem to hook up.

"They" will eat a streamer. This one wanted it dead drifted

Happy Easter everybody, enjoy the spring colors and beasts eating meat from little green boats on Colorado's  best freestone........$389 till the mud flows, limited time, limited seating....unlimited fun for streamer junkies.

Blame Me

Certain days just feel right, but that doesn't mean things don't go left for no reason.  Earthlings were constructed with the need to know "why", "what" and "how come" to a fault, especially when the end of the game doesn't end up like it was planned. It's called blame and anglers are a group of anxious little haters who are always looking to convict something or someone for ruining their good time.

 Most of you angler people should learn to blame me.

Every time you move a fly rod I want things to end up looking like this.

I am one of the true villains in this sport, I am always waiting to spread my evil wherever anyone is trying to catch a trout. I can mess a cast up like no one's business, doesn't matter how long you have wiggled and waved graphite.
Stare me down and use me to mend with and you can float your feathers long believable distances, panic and I take advantage of you badly. Go ahead, don't let that rod load, after your forward stroke I will be right there in front of you all piled up, pissing you off.
One of my all time favorites is when you invite me along while you chuck streamers; if you include me in your fun, all that strippin will never move yer meat, or a fish....just me.

The pressure of fishing around a SIR can mess with your game if you let it.

Drift, Drag, Fly, Sun, Moon, Clarity, Line Management, Air Temperature, Water Temperature,Bara-effing-metric pressure.

Shitty Oars man, Bad knots, Dull hook points, Some power generating dam and the guy who messes with flow, ice in the guides, Bad guide.........whew, I could go on, it's a huge list of things to possibly blame.

Truth is, all on the list are but minions to me, just a few of the demons that help me to ruin your day. If more than one of them join forces with me in tormenting you, we can make fly fishing way harder than it's supposed to be.

Blame me, my name is Slack

Booze, good food, bad food and long nights are all necessary parts of a good fishing adventure that when not handled carefully can end up devilish minions in your boat.

BTW, I am having more fun than I should giving a few people heartburn with the titles of my last few blogs. The only other times this blog had better traffic was when I put the words sex appeal and terrorist in the title.

Don't Crosse me

Like fly fishing, the sport of Lacrosse has taught me many things. I grew up in the heart of the games birthplace, The Iroquois Nation (its called Western NY now) where kids slept with their sticks and the relationships born because of the game ran deep into our souls.

I am one proud Dad right now as my little lefty starts his journey this season after already explaining to us that if he doesn't make the NHL, he wants to play Lacrosse at Syracuse (sorry Kermie). During a wall ball session  yesterday he wanted to learn how to roll dodge.....he's 6. This is going to be awesome!

Enjoy the video, it got my motor running this morning.