2015 Photo Dump- Ankle Biters

So I sat down to try and pile up the best images the ol Nikon captured this year and like every year, I realized I pushed the button a few times. Too much to choose from so it's categories this year starting with everyone's favorite, children, ankle biters, spawn, your freaking pride and joy.......OMG get a picture of my kid please!!

No fish were harmed in the process of collecting these memories and possibly creating a new steward of our dying sport, just saying.

Kid proved youngsters can do it from the boat......sweet glasses too.

White bead and a small clown.

These 2 little demons set the skittle record this season.

Great Father-Son double for the Knights. Not really an ankle biter anymore.

Spent a few lovely days with a couple of lads from Team New Zealand. They clobbered it.

One of my favorite families to fish with and one of my favorite guides to work with. This shot and coined phrase "hardest working guides on the planet" is one of the best moments I have managed to luck into.

Again, I'm pretty sure no body was hurt in the creation of this image.

Time flies by, it won't be long before he is rowing for reel....

I'll be honest, I don't always enjoy guiding youngsters (say under 8) but when the stars align and the kid has some patience, focus and likes to learn they become the most memorable of days. Thanks to everybody who has let me baby sit your kidos with a fly rod, now keep them the hell out of my boat until they are old enough to pay for your trip.

Carry On  

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