West Slope Jig Rig

I've been around my share of comp flies in the past several years. To be honest with you I never found the need to REALLY look at them until a year or so ago. These guys catch a shit ton of fish but in most cases I looked at patterns that made me giggle a little, but facts are facts and they were always railing fish. So recipes aside I logically decided to put my bugs where these knuckleheads were putting them and it all starts with the hook. The jig hook itself makes gin clear sense to all of us dirty nymphers and especially so once the weeds start taking over the bottom of trout town. Sure Frenchies, Walts Worm, Valdi's Boo Boo and those Hot Spot La La La's work but my wheel was already round. So onto the old Jig Hook goes some of my proven poop and boom.....I'm hooked on the jig baby.

After jamming my nonsense on jig hooks I had to tweek the traditional rig and get them to where they do the most damage. My normal nymph rig, like most peoples, puts the attractor pattern and the weight at the top of the system with smaller flies  dropped below and of course Mr Bobber pulls the train.The New Zealand lads taught me it's called "Truck and Trailer". The jig will work there, as the first fly in the rig, just make sure there is a barb or a pinched one there if you tie droppers to the bend of the fly (I lost a half dozen bugs from the tippet sliding off barbless hooks before the light came on). An eye to eye connection works well also.

Truly getting Jiggy would mean I would eventually have to drop the goodness to the bottom of the system. Don't worry, the bobber remains, I can'y try out for Team USA, I don't own a blazer. Jig on the bottom means small flies above it on tags, which can complicate things for 74% of my clients, but I'm having fun with it.

Love to lead with little Stones and this small #12 Golden Stone has an even nastier bite with it's hook riding up. I jam 18-20 wraps of .030 Lead Free Wire on the shank and then flatten it with pliers so the gap isnt compromised. The wing case is coated with Fluorescing UV Clear Coat just cuz I'm tricky. 

Jig that Caddis. The Fall Caddis Color rocked it o the Upper Colorado and the Eagle August- September.

Originally used for the a late Summer PMD pattern but the touch of yellow
helps this little booger work all year

Flip that shit over.
Carry On


  1. Started using jig hooks this past summer after years of calling BS. I was wrong. These babies rock. Glad I listen to the dude on the upper N Platte pulled over on the same island! "Have you tried those jig nymphs yet?" I have now. Patterns take a little tweaking but that's half the fun.

    Bob? You putting any weight on your rig other than the bottom fly? Thanks!

  2. Slinger,
    I have put weight on the rig above the jig 6-8" or so. It works but kind of defeats the purpose. I just dont retain ( I go through a lot of bugs) enough jigs in various weights to deal with the deepest or fastest of the good stuff. Thanks for reading this garbage, Jig it brother