Sitting on my high horse the other day discussing fly fishing blogs and was blown away when web savvy, super hip, flat brim, beard dude confessed he had never read any of Kirk Deeters stuff. If you are living at the bottom of a dark pool as well, you need to check out Field and Streams FLY TALK blog. Kirk loves to stir up the bottom once in awhile and it's pure fun, I especially love to read the comments from dudes who take it to seriously, good reading, do yourself a favor.

Recently most of the thought provoking blog missiles have been pointed towards the Bobber (not me thank God, these guys actually have readers). Bobber free water started the wave of spirited debate over Grinch Deeters purposed regulation or ban on the use of Bobbers. LOVED IT! Especially the comments. While I don't agree with every bullet fired I was sort of deeply touched, even kind of troubled in a way, so I threw out all my Thingamabobbers. Seriously. Now changing the name of this blog seems at least honorable if not mandatory to stay current with trends being set by my peers.

The spirited and calculated banter back and forth between Deeter and Louis Cahill at Gink and Gasoline is some of the best blogging I have giggled through all year.

G&G Bashing Deeter

Deeter bashing Louis

Well done gentlemen. Instant classic read, now look for a bill for changing the name on all my domain junk, merchandise and the Swiss bank account.

There problem solved.

Floating Nymph version just in-case you can't quit cold turkey 

BTW, I did throw all my Thingamabobbers away. I replaced them all with the new Air Lock version.

Carry On

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