Gen 2

Lost an old friend a few weeks ago, one that has been by my side for literally thousands of fish.
I had a chance to look back and see just how many pictures that net was photo bombing, I remember every moment. Here's a few high lights from over the last 8 years or so with the money stick..

Spock and Fiver, upper Roaring Fork

Sam's first look at a trout,
I miss the Valley Pond.

Pipeline with Brooks and Eddie the day
Sam netted 30 and got his first tip

I talked so much with that net in hand
it understood bad north eastern english

Doubled as a wading staf for
lots of important crossings

One of THE best days I ever spent with that
net. 9 doubles with John Muir and Lew

Fishbus weekend with the big Zim

Multiple pre season runs with

Doc and the only place we were allowed to
float with Sam back when

THE G and a blonde on
the Fork one fine fall day

Got to be 70 pounds ago. That net many have landed 70 pounds
of fish for mr Thompson over the years.I remember this day, 
with Scott and his dog George, I believe there was a
razorback chub involved.

So let me introduce Generation 2...

So it begins fresh. Hopefully that old wand is in a good place, holding a shit ton of it's used to.

Carry On

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