Mr Redd Wrecker and My Monthly Product Review

Management has always had a legitimate gripe with my lack of sales prowess and rightly so. Unless you wet yourself over something you used while putting up with me for the day, I am not going to bring up all the exciting new product that you have to streak back to the shop and buy. It could be that I don't enjoy that type of thing so I think three times about doing it to you. But in an effort to keep the giant standing I have promised at least a review and helpful tip this month.

My Simms Boots have finally died.

Guides are incredibly hard on stuff but we all just keep trying to find that bullet proof, guide resistant silver lining product we have pride in. Persistent bunch. To the point....
Simms makes quality junk 
I have destroyed every wading boot on the market while still spending the busiest 3 months of my season floating in sandals. The uppers gave out before the soles on almost every pair of boots I have retired EXCEPT for these Simms. For what it's worth I can't seem to destroy my waders, rain jacket or sling pack either and they all say Simms on them.
The only failing grade these boots get involve the shoelaces, but it would seem that no manufacturer has a handle on the challenge of tying wading boots. 
This leads me to my tip of the month: Replace your laces with Hockey Skate Laces. 
Credit Mr Alex Forsberg (the fishing guide). I have half a mind to put them on my new boots right out of the box just to see how long they will actually last. Leave it to the game of hockey to teach others that there is always a stronger, tougher solution.

Lots of people love and respect our home water and we will always notice when people are taking advantage of her. If you are unethical you can not hide.

Hey Mr REDD WRECKER, or should I say DBAG, 
I am terribly sorry you took your chance to learn something this week like a pussy. A few of us just wanted you to know it is not cool to rip spawners from their business and if you do this crap in plain site on our river somebody is going to say something. More than one of us did.
If you have actually "been fishing this river for 25 years" we assume you knew exactly what you were doing so shame on you.
You guys are very observant though. You managed to remember what I was driving so you could secretly go to the put in and let the air out of my clients passenger side tires while we were on our float. 
Ignorant Cowards you are says Yoda. 
Heres your next problem you butcher, We know what you were driving also. That is one gorgeous white truck, with sweet aftermarket monster tires with bro rims to match. The rod rack, lack of stickers on said vehicle and your Blue Native Colorado License plate are dead give away's and it only makes it easier to describe to the whole entire valley.

My blood pressure says thats all I got,
Carry On   

There is no bottom

Dear Mr Expert Angler,
Oh how I hope to someday have your eyes.
Your ability to watch a bobber swim upstream 2 feet but still KNOW it's the bottom shows a level of awareness and uncanny vision that I am yet to master after a thousand days on the river.
The confidence you have developed while expertly analyzing what your flies are doing 8' below your bobber has done nothing but help you loose countless fish before my eyes.
It's almost as if you don't want me to think you are slow, not paying attention, looking at your hands or just not really as experienced as you explained to the shop dick. It's OK, I don't need an explanation, I know what happened, you farmed another one cuz you are scared to pull the trigger.
I just can't figure out how you know its the bottom.

My boy Scott Thompson got so sick of this poop he started telling people there is no bottom to the river. Every time the bobber moves its a fish, every time you don't react back you miss a fish because well, there is no bottom. Goes to show you how far a guide might go just to get Mr Expert to lift his rod up suddenly.

For the absolute last time in my guiding career I need to be clear about this and I need your undivided attention for this huge announcement....After all these days on the river, I still can't tell the difference between a bottom bounce and a Trout, I'm sorry. Just set the damn hook already.

Hang on your guide and he will take you to the fish, you just have to trust he or she is a professional.

Big thanks to Crazy Mountain Brewery for hosting our fly tying nights the past few months.