Lower Colorado River Monster

Came across this Monday Morning on the Colorado River just above New Castle.....pretty sure it didn't hatch there. I am also sure it is not there anymore as I watched some hill billy oil worker dude toss the remains in the front seat of his pick up. He was polite enough to holler across the river to ask if it was ours, which regrettably I had no good response for. Glad I got some pictures though.

"Beast Mode"

I said "Midgezilla, not Godzilla"

So I put my boat in at a truck stop off I-70, does that make this a "lot lizard"??
"WTF? I thought Oz Corp got control of that experiment"
"See how important sun screen is even in winter"
I could go on but want some of you guys to try. Lets have a little caption contest here. Winner gets 3 hand tied flies from me and a free 30 minute massage from Kit....while she is wearing her new Savannah Monitor flip flops.

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