Cha Ching

This guy is a proven 1st stringer in my streamer box, especially in the spring. Nothing more than a Tequeely knock off, but it's what we had on the shelf at the time.

There's more garbage and some photographic evidence on this bug here:

This one's for you Mark Shaw. All the materials you need are on the fully stocked shelves of a cool little fly shop in Min'urn Colorado

Hope you enjoy the groovy beat that is royalty free music.

Big Bird PMD

An easy guide tie for PMD's using the same Ostrich Herl method. Quick, easy and deadly.

Big Bird Midge

Some winter pattern love. Quick , cheap and easy, like guide flies should be.

Got some Spirit?

Yeah I should be christmas shopping for Kit and the lad but they don't need anything from the "Tie Flying" material shop. Boxes of goodies have been strewn about with new materials and I just couldn't stroll by this again.

Natures Spirit has some cool shit

Hook: TMC 2488 #20
Tail: Yellow PT Fibers
Abdomen: Stripped Quill
Rib: Thread tag colored black
Wing Case: Thinskin
Thorax: BWO Peacock Herl

Little soft hackle love for Budniakiewicz

I'm always on the hunt for new stuff to make old stuff better, case in point Mr BWO, THE most important bug we all carry and pitch.

Crip Keeper

Got off my ass and shot a tying video. There's work to be done but I've sat through worse.
This thing has honest to goodness been a go to for me for several seasons. During the early PMD hatch here on the Eagle this little bitch has fooled many a picky eater. Running it in the film works best but tossing it under a bunch of weight doesn't suck either.