Fly Tying fer real

One of the coolest ties I have laid eyes on. Next time I have a whole day to invest I may try and whip one up.
Loves me some Franken Fly

Think you run a bobber with this?

I also promised my most effective non bead guide fly of the year.

"Effing Lethal"

All season long, day in, day out, this is my go to filth. Not sure what they ate it for but I tied it in size 14-24 and fished it for BWO's, Sallies, PMD's and as a general attractor with great success. 

Fly Fishermen love BOOBS!

No seriously, I'm not just trying to mess with my SEO by using a buzz word like #boobs. It's no big stretch to say fly fishermen love boobs. I do and happen to live with an incredible pair that thank god are healthy.
We all have been touched in some way by breast cancer,

So here's the challenge to all the big, strong, manly, bearded, boat rowin, non sensitive fishing guides out there.....wear a pink hat this month.

Miss you Dee

Send me your best picture fishing this month with a pink hat on and win a dozen of my by best flies.

My boys aint scared