Yoda was 6'6" tall

Got to spend the better part of 2 weeks with Eric Wilcox, Head Guide at Bighorn Anglers and other dark corners in the North West. For one reason or another we both ended up working the shop a few days over the holiday which basically means we cranked out flies for empty bins. Dudes been in the business for almost 20 years so needless to say I learned a few things, laughed a lot and learned his style isnt that much different than mine other than I have never rode around with a loaded shot gun on the gunwale. Lots of knowledge, gallons of bullshit and a few tricks of the trade were exchanged over Blue Black Pats Rubberlegs and Dirty Midge Larve. It's been fun having that amount of game to bounce things off, I would definitely recommend spending a day on the Bighorn or in Idaho chasing Steelhead with Eric, his persona is as big as he is. Who say's Yoda is supposed to be short.

So to make your next fly fishing experience more enjoyable here's my tip of the week.

Buy the 41 oz  bag of Skittles if you specifically enjoy the Orange ones (why wouldn't you). The smaller bags and standard size you find down at the Cum and Go have a very high percentage of Grape and everyone knows that's a tough flavor to tow around in your waders. For one reason or another Orange Skittles are commonly found scattered about successful trout trips, that my  friends is quality fishin info.

Heres a link to Minturn Anglers Hosted trips to Idaho for the month of February. You can catch up with Eric there.


Jmac also has a cool trip planned to Washington to swing for Steel, Feb 17th-23rd. Check out his blog for info on this great trip, some of the same characters have been participating for several years now and they have a great time. Just a few spots left for this one, get on it.


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