New version of an old favorite here in the Eagle River Valley.

#8 Hook
Copper Bead
Yellow over Black Marabou Tail
Pumpkin/Yellow Fly Enhancer Legs
Med Copper UV Polar Chenille
Fish seem to hit this better light, so don't add any additional weight.

The  TeQueely is tough to beat around here, especially during the temperature changes of early spring / Late winter. If we get a pre run off bump to the flows and we get a chance to run the home water, the fish just wont leave the original alone. Pretty sure Orvis still deals most of these wacky looking things out and it was originally listed as a Bass fly.

The Original

With gobs of new Hareline stuff on the walls of the addition we decided to see if we could build a better mouse trap. After some tinkering, Jmac, Sam and I made some time to float Shit plant to Shit plant and do some product testing. After setting the dumbell down behind the magic rock besides Perry's riffle, I had first wack. I picked up the streamer rod rigged without the MA TeQueely and proceeded to farm one in 2 dozen casts. Jmac stands up, grabs the rod with the new mojo and wacks 3 fish in 4 casts in the same water I just twisted up. Nothing but rave reviews since. 


  1. I can attest to that last statement. Can't keep the browns off em up here on the Arkansas.

    Mark Shaw
    Buena Vista

  2. Nice tie!

    Mark Hanes