Sex appeal

So your an aspiring guide, photographer, blogger, video prodigy or genius fly tyer and you want to be noticed in the extremely crowded business of Fly Fishing. One word of advice, Crossdress.
The world of Wet Feathers is exploding with lady talent and it's not just frosting, it's for real. If you are running around with a fat chew, baseball hat, worn out waders, a rad tech pack and the newest "ONE" you are just blending in brother. To stand out now a days your gonna need a little lip gloss, fitted waders, legit skills and a sweet Snap Tee, just ask April Vokey.

The beautiful portion of our species is changing our little club everyday. Pink rods aside whats the harm? More concern for our resource, fresh perspective and better smelling fishing partners sounds good to me. I would much rather go watch an April seminar than a Joe Humphreys demo, so would Joe. Along the way you discover not a pretty face, but in depth knowledge and a true stewardship for our sport and you come to realize your teacher doesn't have to look like Tom Rosenbauer all the time. It's no secret sex appeal is a cosmic force people other than me deal with everyday, If i had some of this god given gorgeousness my swag bag would be full too. Reps don't know how to say no any more, wader companies have more to screw up and guides across America smile occasionally, thank you girls! Take in to account all women's ears seem to work better than a mans, their patience level is not linked to fish count and when you mix in a genuine appreciation for Natures stunning background, it's easy to see the benefits of fishing with chicks.

Whats the down side of this revolution?
Your going to have to learn to share (flies, spots, time,the front seat), deal with a few more wrinkles as her's disappear and oh yeah, get out fished. Beer consumption and quantity towed along for the day can get tricky also, just use your head and remember if its the crank bait you met at the bar or the bait dunker you met in church. If you are still in the competitive phase of this garbage maybe you should wait until you are over counting fish before you get wet with a skirt. Your girl WILL end up consistently out fishing you, enjoy it. Actual joy for your fellow fisherman's increasing thrill quota is directly linked to your success; honestly pull for your girl and the river will notice, it (water) is a cousin of mother nature, the original reason for respecting women.

In the pre mouse days of Ink, when everything was new, there were prominent "figures" in the art. Word of mouth was just a bit slower than today's technology so by the time some deserving hottie finally got credit for some genius act of fishing, the Vokey looks had gone down stream. Back in the day, guys justified a woman's clout, right or wrong, based on who their husband, brother or father was in the fishing world. With today's technology anyone can be in their first year of fly fishing, have 2000 followers on their blog, have as many pro forms as they need but still not know how to roll cast. The history of American fly fishing is littered with women pioneers who significantly shaped how all of us view our sport by devoting themselves to their passion. Bottom line, they had to cast across the river not just write about trying to.  Special thanks to sports like Mary Orvis Marbury, Winne Dette, Mary Dette, Joan Wulff, Fanny Krieger, Diana Rudolph, Kathy Beck, Wendy Gunn, Lori Ann Murphy, Jenny Grosenbacher and the original super model of the outdoors, Cindy Garrison. These ladies led the way in days when you had to back it up live, no spell check, no delete key and with thousands of  stuffy ol tweed wearing critics.  I wonder how many 21st Century lovely's sat on their fathers lap watching a hot 6' blonde slay fish and big game on Saturday morning Outdoor television? Was there some sort of subliminal impression made on these young girls as they quietly got a peak at Daddies dream girl? I've got a Doctor of Psychology in the family now, I'll ask him WTF? when he's done trying to figure me out.

The female presence in this "Old Mans" sport aint hard to notice right now, they are everywhere on the web and a good deal of it's shouldn't miss shit.

In no particular order and I know I'm missing more, check these ladies out (you know what I mean)


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  1. Well said-- diversity will only help the sport and the waters themselves. If I owned a fly shop or was a guide I'd be more than willing to share-- I'd be actively promoting the sport outside the stereotype!

    Also, super glad to see Erin Block in the line-up-- amazing writer.