There is no bottom

Dear Mr Expert Angler,
Oh how I hope to someday have your eyes.
Your ability to watch a bobber swim upstream 2 feet but still KNOW it's the bottom shows a level of awareness and uncanny vision that I am yet to master after a thousand days on the river.
The confidence you have developed while expertly analyzing what your flies are doing 8' below your bobber has done nothing but help you loose countless fish before my eyes.
It's almost as if you don't want me to think you are slow, not paying attention, looking at your hands or just not really as experienced as you explained to the shop dick. It's OK, I don't need an explanation, I know what happened, you farmed another one cuz you are scared to pull the trigger.
I just can't figure out how you know its the bottom.

My boy Scott Thompson got so sick of this poop he started telling people there is no bottom to the river. Every time the bobber moves its a fish, every time you don't react back you miss a fish because well, there is no bottom. Goes to show you how far a guide might go just to get Mr Expert to lift his rod up suddenly.

For the absolute last time in my guiding career I need to be clear about this and I need your undivided attention for this huge announcement....After all these days on the river, I still can't tell the difference between a bottom bounce and a Trout, I'm sorry. Just set the damn hook already.

Hang on your guide and he will take you to the fish, you just have to trust he or she is a professional.

Big thanks to Crazy Mountain Brewery for hosting our fly tying nights the past few months.


  1. Ain't no damn rocks in the river either! !

  2. AMEN! Dude if I had a dollar for every time I've heard "it was bottom". Drives a guy 'effing nuts! And I'm with you, I figure every season I watch bobbers drift close to 1000 miles of river and in the that first second when it all matters NOBODY CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOTTOM AND A FISH! My favorite is when they lift to recast and there is a fish there and the bobber hasn't even moved a bit... It's like "now do you believe me that if you hesitate, you're too late!" And don't get me into when you loose one that is hooked- why? usually because you were 2.8 seconds late on your hook set and barely got him while he was spitting the thing out. This was therapuetic. thank you.