Sam's Softhackle Sally

Long about 3-4 years ago we all noticed the Sallies shrinking. Now I am no entomologist, biologist or ist of any sort so I won't pretend to know exactly what the hell happened, we just went to work on smaller patterns. Getting away with a size 14 Sally nymph is a thing of the past at least here in the central Rockies of Colorado. I'd be interested in hearing if the same thing happened in other places. Mutant or not we just needed smaller imitations and if memory serves me there were not any #20 Sally patterns in any of the catalogs, there still might not be.

This little number started getting pitched 2 years ago, with and without a bead. The fish on the upper Colorado love it and since Sallies are on the menu all summer this one gets a work out. I fish it in #18-#22.......doesn't make it right, just putting it out there.

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  1. Nice. Have noticed they are much smaller up here on the Arkansas as well, that is, if you see any at all! Great solution, Bobber!