A walk in the woods

A few years back now I decided to roll up a successful business and split to go fish for a summer, never did go back. It's not a move easily taken by the 4 year degree, start a family and accumulate 401K crowd I grew up around. "Throwing away" a word of mouth business drew some criticism from some and  jealous encouragement from the rest. My soul simply knew it was my time for a "walk in the woods". At the time it was an effort to get my stuff on tract and maybe fool some wild trout in the land of plenty, why I have stayed is another story. We all think about trading in the norm and taking an adventure, most never find the courage to actually do it, some of us get the will from someone else's giant steps. Long before I decided to truly live, my girl Kitty was my example. We were not dating at the time but I always tried to stay into touch, one day I heard she was just packing up and blindly moving. She had it with home, weather and the ground hog day journey she was on. So one night she and her sister in law loaded a hat with pieces of paper with all the places she would rather live and drew Arizona out of the hat. I remember feeling happy and proud for her. She is a huge part in me being here today and after all these years, some minor miracles and huge blessings we are sharing this new place together now. Can't express how much I love her and how she has made my life fuller even before we were sharing it again together.
When you move to a resort town in the middle of the Colorado Rockies you quickly realize everyone is from somewhere else. There are an abundance of people chasing their passions here, conversations of where you came from, why you are here, how long you've been here are common ice breakers. Occasionally you hear rumor of some long timers going away party, which can be a lot like a funeral for some of them. People typically leave at some point when responsibilities, family or a real job finally draw them away from living like Peter Pan.

I've been following a blog as of late from Kurt Olesek, a long time local from these parts who chose to split from here for different reasons. Kurt decided to pack up, move to New Zealand and chase summer and trout. The news tab on his website chronicles his adventure in blog form and his site is jam packed with some incredible pictures from his walk about. JEALOUS KO!

 Check it out

Kurts Blog /

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