Virtually fishing through the Virus

With all that is going on in the world, everybody is feeling a little weird about being out and about around people. We get it. Luckily, I work with and around some very advanced thinkers for simple fishing guides. We all want nothing more than for all of you to enjoy the best fishing of the year while staying safe and healthy at home.

Super proud to announce that Colorado Angling Company will be offering half day virtual wade trips on private water starting immediately.

While we are still working on the menu of Fantasy Anglers you could potentially fish with, Joey and I are prepared to take the risks out there so you guys miss zero action. Come with us on an adventure somewhere you wish you were, out of your house, fly rod in hand, rising trout and a mute button. Drift off and imagine every cast, mend and hook set being perfect.

Our interactive menu system includes ways to change flies, mend like you do or bum a chew. Want Bob in a flat brim, Joey with a Beard, Steele with no man bun or Zimmerman in a thong? It is but a click away posers. Customize your trip to look like you have always wanted your game to look like, flawless.

Don't miss out on our version of March Madness, book a virtual trip today. Early birds will receive a Colorado Angling Buff/ respirator combo while supplies last.

Don't be an idiot, get the hell out of the house and go fishing. We are practicing safe social distancing in good, clean fresh air with brave, healthy people who refuse to get stuck in the hut.

Picture taken a from a safe distance. Brave anniversary couple throwing caution to the wind

We seriously want you guys to feel comfortable enough to book a fishing trip with us during these challenging times and we want you to know we are prepared.

Come in small family groups or with real close buds, drive yourselves and avoid the crowds of public water on your own stretch of  incredible private water in the fresh air.

We are currently the only certified Social Distancing endorsed outfitter in our valley. Not real huggy in the first place.
All our guides use long handled nets.
We have been practicing the fine art of avoiding other anglers for years.
There is still TP and hand sanitizer in our rustic well ventilated out house.
Wet handshakes are being replaced by a crooked grin from the bank. No offense.
You tangle it, you fix it. (kidding, that would take way too long)
Our guide vehicles reek of hockey season, wet waders with a hint of whiskey and tobacco which may buckle your knees, but it effectively kills any and all germs. Safety first.

Further more, if you have me booked on the river you will be subjected to less of this writing nonsense which makes some of you sicker than any virus out there.

Joey showing proper technique of holding his breathe during photo shoots. Mr. Williams was not put in the penalty box for the shoulder touch.

We ain't scared, you shouldn't be either, grow a set and go fish.

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