Where's your Beaver been?

One of the most important tools I have laying around the production department is H2O. There are many instances where getting your fingers wet with saliva can help materials like dubbing, soft hackles and marabou be more cooperative but most are fur and and feathers from dead animals. While the phrase 'dead animal" should be obvious enough, there are other chemicals including bleach and dye that can make you sick with all that oral action. I just adore some good bunny tail and never mind the beaver that has followed me around for years but I have no idea what they were up to before I got to play with them so I prefer dipping over spit.

I usually leave a shallow 4"x 6" tupperware container of water on my left side while I am tying which makes it convenient for my working or left hand. I leave a sponge in the middle of the puddle to make it easy to reach and get my fingers wet without looking. Any little bit of efficiency helps get flies done quicker and this little trick can even prevent you from getting an upset tummy. The wet sponge also serves as a good place to leave materials like stripped herl in damp storage. The fact it also acts as a micro humidifier here in the high mountain desert is just a bonus.

#22 BWO Soft Hackle-ness for the recent mania. The dry fly action all around my neighborhood has been fer real good.

Carry On 

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