The Ice Berg Mend

There is a certain stretch of my favorite river that becomes un-fish able during the winter. High ridge lines, low sun and short days make this prime stretch hard, hard as ice. With the last of our extended fall weather quickly becoming a memory a few of the beards in my life and I decided to check things out. All day slush wasn't going to stop any of us after the effort it took to slip in there. It just took more split shot and an occasional mend around one of the many ice bergs in the drift. No big deal.

More winter footage

Good getting out one more time close to home. It's been great fishing with the video camera the last few weeks. The river has really given up some gold while the camera was running which is usually rare. The rest of the winter fishing and guiding is going to require a further drive as our night time temps become more seasonal.

 Fish continue to gorge on big and small midge in various colors but red, purple, gray and olive remain strong. Larger point flies like soft hackle hares ear, large caddis larva and stones are also working on these extended season fish.

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