2014 Exposed

It was a fun year with fly rods, great friends, clients and the camera. Here are some of my favorite exposures from 2014.


Eagle River Cuttbow

I didn't take this one but I like it

Early summer honeyhole and a pretty Brown Trouts 

Lots of handsome here

Webbs lower Eagle beast

Just after this picture was taken my man Scott Thompson swam to re-catch this beast with his bare hands. Absolutely sure that the client had no idea how large a miracle happened before our eyes.It was a guiding moment I will never forget , everything but his face was wet for the rest of the day. 

There seems to be less and less grip and grins in my highlight reels nowadays. I'm proud to say my soul knows the wild fish and the magical places I guide are the true stars of my wonderful job. Not everyday is easy,or successful but I am thankful everyday for what I do, where I do it and especially the great guides I work around.

I have but one regret from a great year, it has weighed very heavy on me and this little blog. This spring I wrote a blog titled "Bought Fish" that wasn't public for very long.  It was something I felt very strongly about, still do, but I was forced to take it down or loose my job. I have thought long and hard about the subject since (how could I help not to, these fish come to my net almost daily now). Sam and Kit will always be first so I had to do something I didnt feel comfortable with for my paycheck. Did I sell out? Should I have pressed my right for free speech? Could I have ended up further ahead in the industry as the guy who got fired for hating stocked fish? I still have a copy in  the dark corners of this place waiting for the book deal. I even read it on occasion just to see if I might feel differently about things. I don't.

Have a GREAT NEW YEAR, go fish!

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