Fly Tying fer real

One of the coolest ties I have laid eyes on. Next time I have a whole day to invest I may try and whip one up.
Loves me some Franken Fly

Think you run a bobber with this?

I also promised my most effective non bead guide fly of the year.

"Effing Lethal"

All season long, day in, day out, this is my go to filth. Not sure what they ate it for but I tied it in size 14-24 and fished it for BWO's, Sallies, PMD's and as a general attractor with great success. 


  1. would you be willing to give up the recipe?

  2. Sure!
    Micro Fibbets or Coc De Leon tails
    Stripped peacock herl (spirit river BWO) body
    CDC or poly wing bud
    Tan haretron thorax
    Mottled Oak Thinskin wing case, ted in from front