You down with O.P.P ?
Yeah you know me.......

Sometimes you just want to strip, twitch or tickle someone else's property, you know work it real hard and see what she can take. It takes a special bond for a dude to offer up his new baby for a test drive for the low low price of letting him know how she performed. After all its expensive keeping all that bling, beads and fur around, Naughty by Nature S#*t  you know.

You down with O.P.P?

Feel me flow now?......doubt it.

Spent the day fishing Other Peoples Patterns. Now your down with O.P.P

Sat around the shop with the boys the other night in our first fly swap of the season, Mr Caddis being the theme. Thats "Full Swap" for those of you with your mind still in the gutter, for you fly tyers it means you get some of your boys best stash.

It was a blast running someone else's spin on things at the end of a working leader for the day.
Mad genius like Thompson, G, Fors and Fred Rodgers ends up looking nothing like the dribble I see in today's fly catalogs believe you me. So as I wait patiently for float season and enjoy my own personal ground hog day on the legendary waters of Camp Hale at least I am entertained by the O.P.P

More on the twisted mind of Mr Scott Thompson

Next week we are on to MILF's (moths I'd like to fish)

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