"A Fly Fishing Guide is not a REAL Guide if he doesn't tie flies"
That is a direct quote from a rant this winter by a very veteran guide whom I respect very much.

 I cant completely agree with that statement as I know lots of great guides who do not tie much or at all. But with today's Fly Shop economics, pro guide person might end up REAL poor if he or she has to buy flies every morning. Bugs are getting very expensive, even on a guide discount, so I try and tie between 8 and 12 flies for each trip. Most of it happens at 5  in the morning, before the bustle gets up.

The worm hatch is finally starting to move downstream, opening the window around here for Mr and Mrs Caddis; my vise seems pleased to be sophisticated again. Here's a look at whats falling off the tool in the morning for trips. Most of them are used that day, almost all of them are knock offs or loose interpretations of someone else's original genius using what crap I had.

Darin pupa

Daren Puppa

Silvey's Caddis Pupa knock off, swiss straw wing buds instead of starling.

THE Eagle is about to go off. Get in touch for details on the next three weeks of double dry fly mania!!!

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