Choose your friends wisely

 Already looking ahead to those hot summer days when it all starts to look and feel the same, realizing I will be drifting off to days like these. Three straight on the Eagle, pre-run off, three great sticks and a consistent streamer bite....damn enjoyable. Year after year these are the few trips that begin a long season of rowing, and they are always the best of the year, sort of the way Nascar starts their season out with Daytona.

Chef with one of many, on a run that was to short.

Problem with fishing around incredible fishermen is you see proof that it can be done, and that justify s the time plopped in the rowers seat trying to believe a cast 3' further for someone who doesn't quite get it. But it doesn't work that way with this sport, you have to put in the time and participate and at the end of the day some dudes are just better. Having an appetizer this good can leave a guy feeling hungry later on while wishing JK or Chef were back in his ride.

Even I found a few this week

 So maybe it's that hungry feeling that creates low pressure in the boat some days. Guide has seen it done. He has seen casts go into prefect spots time and again; he has seen cast's land where he was thinking, no words necessary. He has been there when the struggling bird caused fish to breech like great whites for a seal; he has seen the game played perfect,with the only reward being a 20' chase. For the best anglers, missing fish becomes a novelty if they are hitting every bucket on the course, the other 90% of us will be left with some questions. That's probably why a guide might press you for a little more, they know there are only so many A+ spots and he wants you to hit them all, just like his buddy did in the beginning of the season.

 Don't blame the guide, blame the quality of friend he has been choosing to allow in the boat while you are not around.

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