My new rival

Woke up excited and READY for a float on the Roaring Fork Thursday morning and then found this:

This was my third bullet from Plow King Paul and this terrorist act was due some measure of retaliation. Armed with a fresh cup of Joe and a schedule to keep I turned to a weapon of mass destruction I am very highly certified to use. Anyone from my past knows that I have moved a Superdome's worth of dirt with a shovel in my time, this was nice, light, clean, cold and easy. 45 minutes later Ol Sadam of Snow needed to scrape most of that parking lot again since it looked like a Scud missile had been lobed into his sick joke. My neighbors quietly smiled and shook their heads as they walked the kids to the bus stop. Each toss of giant clumps of plow snow was meticulously placed in a nice neat 40' radius from the original crime......It was gorgeous work. The enemy was not pleased as he re cleaned what he could while waiting for me to move the rig I strategically left in the way for 22 mins. He got my biggest grin and a wave from Sam as we FINALLY moved so he could finish for a second time. 

Test drove the new Mystic 4wt Switch once on the water. Love it, need to spend more time with her.

Nice to be back in the boat with my good friend Josh Miller. The Fork gave us much love early and then paid us back for my evilness late......we were better than that.

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