Extenze for Fly Fishermen

The Revolution has reached the Upper Eagle River Valley.......I'm offering two handed fun this season.

While I wait for MR. Scott L2H 5wt, I have been really enjoying my time with Ms. Mystic 11'3" 4wt here in the hood. It took 17 minutes to realize how much fun Switch Rods are going to be for chasing my local trouts; the practical applications for the water I guide is going to change everything. The radical applications are going to be a potential blast. The 4wt has handled a heavy tip/streamer as well as a nymph rig/bobber. I understand that may make a 2 handed purist cringe but the whole system is a mutant offspring of tradition any ways so just be patient while someone gets the rule book written. Honestly the last technique I'll be teaching will probably be the swing unless maybe the bugs look like little wet flies. We fish streamers a certain way around here and the program is strong so I can't see some junior spray pole replacing our tradition. Most of the action these tree branches are going to see (at least in my program) will look  like what their little cousin the 9 footers have been doing for us. Can't wait to chuck a dry with it.

While I know there are a few of you who will love picking up new techniques and tactics, I have no illusion of turning anyone into a mediocre spey caster; every single hand roll cast has been a miracle the way I teach.

For one reason or another we have all struggled with the search for more, all guys have sat and thought about life with a few more inches, guides just do it everyday.Well my dim light came on when I quickly calculated I could just buy 27 more at the store. Never mind the ability to mend at 80', the length of the rod makes traditional movements like water hauls, roll casts and single hand casts instantly 16.834' longer. Add double handed casts like a single/ double spey, switch cast, snap t and BANG...... all my fishing friends are on an All Natural Cast Enhancement System!!These things are the medication that can promise feet.

Down side?
It is a relative nightmare to match up with a line and I can see some spool changing depending on what its being abused for. A switch line, a skagit, speydicator and a wallet of tips also means a  new piece of luggage.

Two people peeling from the boat is not anything I want to be invovled with. We'll just stop alot.

Hook sets just got further away.

Damn Rods are as long as my boat.


  1. Oh oh, better just learn to 2step and move to the coast right now.

  2. What a great way to start a Monday, reading some Bobber wit that as always puts a big smile on my face. Thanks for the lowdown on the new switch, sounds like I may have to invest in one. From the research I have done so far I couldn’t agree more with the confusion of what line do you buy for these things? What did you start with and what size reel did you need for your set-up?

  3. Mark you should call me when you get a chance.