Stocking Stuffers

The need for a stocking stuffer for Uncle Alan has given me a reason to screw around with the Unibobber. The good people at Hareline sent a complimentary pack of these mini thingamabobbers made for tying with my last order. The pictures are deceiving, they are small, at most 1/4". These are all tied on a #14 emerger hook but i am sure you could go as far as #16. Sweet little spring creek indicator for back home, maybe i can even test it on Spring Creek behind the hatchery,it's been a long time. Who knows maybe these babies will be all the rage on the tailwaters, help me out Theo. The only secret i will give on these holiday recipes is i used 9 year old Chocolate Lab hair for the dubbing, extremely buoyant stuff.

Not much to report on the fishing up here, i have had a hammer in my hand more than the Hellboy. There are plenty of open spots along the ice rink we call The Eagle river and the fish are stacked. The water below Basalt on the Fork and the Lower C below GWS look very good with little to no shelf ice. Heading back to my roots on the North Coast without a rod so i am sure the fish will be in.
Merry Christmas! May you get bent good in the new year.

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