More good bugs

So here's a few more bugs from the vise for winter. We used to get a dubbed body version of the top bug way back when Perry ran the ship, it was lethal. JC adopted it as one of his favorite winter morsels way back when. We nick named it the Baboon, JC still asks me on occasion if i have any and there usually are a few hidden away. Now the new version for winter 09-10, the JuJu Baboon. The middle snack is the #22 olive Wee Wee, it's been deadly as of late and is a winter go to in Olive, Grey, Purple, Blue and Black. The bottom fly is Sam's Tungsten Sally #16. I wrap this up in #14-#20. I'm looking forward to throwing this in a #18 this summer when i see those Micro Sallies again.

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