Industry Appreciation Days

It has been two years since I have seen my favorite freestone boiled up with gorgeous muddy water. She looks healthy and alive and I am so thankful for the water this year. Since Mother Nature has decided to give generously to the river and sport we all love so much I thought I would too.

For any Industry Professional

When?  This offer is good as long as I am hacking at it. Limit one per week.

Who? You can't just be a fly fishing hashtag addict with twelve thousand friends. You need to have given some of yourself to fly fishing, not necessarily for pay. Blogger, shop bitch, manager, old guides, select younger bro's, wanna be's, anybody who has ever volunteered with Project Healing Waters and reliable shuttle drivers could qualify. 
Convince me you have given more to the river than you have taken and we go get bent.

Thanks to all of you who do it right.

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