Crap is but a click away

I wasn't really surprised when I caught my son. I mean he is 11 years old, his body and mind are a wash with curiosity and he has seen me do it forever. But catching him messing with his squirmy for the first time kicked me directly into Dad mode.

"Where have you learned to do that?" I ask, terrified.

"I've been watching videos" admits Sam.

Reality had harshly grabbed me in the groin as I realized my boy was turning into a man way quicker than I had back in the day. Everything is easier now, the days of not so innocently finding the answers under a bed or in the back of a closet are a distant memory, crap is but a click away. A father must be on guard. Understanding basic genetics and heredity (plant corn get corn). I am prepared to have a boy who will compulsively pound on shit until both hands are bloody, so I must keep watch to make sure he is learning the right way. I don't want him to go blind or anything.

Thirty years ago the stimuli was in a thing called a VHS tape. You could also learn a lot from magazines and stuffy old men. My insatiable thirst to do it for hours led me on a search for guidance from true masters of the craft. I found myself stimulated in hot, cluttered lofts with dudes like George and Pete or with a group of older guys in Carl's basement. I was addicted, I needed more.
I wonder how much different my kid's journey in this click and learn society will be and who, or what. will be his greatest influence. I vividly remember watching a small hunchback with a bad toupee named Fran do shit that blew my mind and it changed me forever. I worry this video thing is too diluted with crap for a young person to know who to subscribe to when trying to learn the proper way.

Protect your kids! Teach them the right way.
Don't let them watch crappy fly tying videos.

Don't ever grow up buddy


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Carry on

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