You Jig Frenchie?

You Jig? I know you Jig, everybody's doing it, but are you doing it with high quality materials and cutting edge techniques? Or are you just a basic Ice Dub Frenchie kind of dude?

This crazy little jig thing pictured below, caught at least 3 fish the other morning between 8 and 11; by noon I knew I could no longer keep it a secret. A Fella just knows when the web needs to know, you know? I am sitting on a pile of original work that can occasionally fool a real dumb trout and I am making a more conscience effort to share. Quality Hooks, Beads and Materials determine how well a fly works and this little cutting edge gem is no different.
You need to pack your fly boxes with these quick like. It's clearly the next big thing in fly tying. Trust me, I write a blog.

Not sure what to call it other than Great.

It's all about the materials.
HOOK: TMC403BLJ  #16
BEAD: 2.912mm Whitefish scented Tungsten (48% variety)
THREAD: GSP 4 (Four strands of GSP because bulky flies blow) dyed to match naturals.
TAIL: Stuffing from an old brown hockey goalie pad (circa 1980)
RIB: Magnetized wire from a garage door remote.
ACCENT FLASH: Stale poptart sprinkle chenille
THORAX: Premium underfur from a central Canadian virgin Mink
LEGS: Select Yourma'sass hair, good thick ones.

Enjoy Fall, Book a trip
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