Wrestling Rim Chung

I have been involved in a few fish encounters over the years. I'm not bragging, I'll give credit where it is due, the majority of which goes to someone or something that gave me a gift along the way. Most of the credit goes to the water; I thank her every time I step in. But there have been people along the way who have influenced my casting, rowing, fishing, teaching and tying game whether they knew it or not and they deserve a thank you.

No matter the color, it's still an RS2 

Bow Down

My first Thursday Thank You goes out to Mr Rim Chung, the originator of the RS2. This pattern has been a steady performer for all anglers since its inception on the South Platte a thousand years ago. The bones or original template for this little gem needs no manipulation but it is also very easy to tweek with CDC, glass beads, quill bodies, tubing, tungsten, spent wings, foam.......I could go on. I am not sure how many fish the RS2 and I have met together but the original or some variation of it has been my most productive fly for almost 20 years. Thank you Mr Chung.

RS mutha Fing 2, just different

No matter how it's manipulated, Rim Chung's RS2's profile will always be it's signature. I have played with the color and more successfully matched the naturals on my home water, but it's still Rim's.

I spend part of every week at the vise wrestling with Rim's incredible fly and it is on a rig most every day. That says a lot in today's market. Perfect is impossible to improve on. Thanks for paying great attention and giving all trout fisherman a perfect pattern Mr Chung.

Tie some flies, get bent and stay tuned, I have some pretty cool people to thank.

BWO mania in the hood right now. Low clear water and a solid afternoon hatch has the fish up feeding near the surface and it is beyond fun right now. Look me up

Carry On

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