40 feet of wisdom

Wise words from one of the all time greats, salt water or fresh. Check out Sarah Griggs article with Flip Pallot for Flyfisherman, it is a great read.

Here's some of the incrediblness, feel free to substitute Trout for Bonefish or Permit and Drift Boat for skiff, just sayin.....

"Life in my world comes down to the last 40 feet," he concluded. "If there's anything left for me to do, it's to make people aware that life, and most particularly this lifestyle, is tied to the natural world and not to a credit card. Many anglers have amassed wealth that gives them the opportunity to take a fishing trip. They go to their local pro shop and buy all the right clothes, rods, reels, lines, and flies. They present their credit card. They arrive at the lodge, also pay by credit card. They step onto a skiff, resplendent with all the right clothing and tackle. The guide poles them within 40 feet of a tailing bonefish. Sadly, their credit card won't take them that last 40 feet."

"They've come all the way from Cleveland to Abaco, but with that last 40 to the bonefish, their credit card is worthless. They've forgotten to bring the skills they need, because they didn't invest the time to develop them. They were busy with their job, kids, the internet. They neglected to bring the skills to get them that last step to the fish. So, they either figure out how to have a good time, or not. But it all comes down to that last 40 feet. Life has just made it too complicated for them to understand the value of the last 40 feet."

"Everything's there. It's not just the distance to the bonefish or permit. The last 40 feet is the barometer of what you've been willing to invest. If you're just here for the gentle breezes and the boat ride, it's okay. But when you step onto the front of that skiff and there's a very serious, committed person on  the other end who's trying to get you that last stretch and you don't care enough about it to have prepared yourself, your being untrue to yourself and unfair to the person at the other end of the boat. That's a hard view of the last 40 feet, but I think it's a significant view of commitment. To the rest of us who live this lifestyle, it's all about the last 40 feet.

Read the whole damn thing.

From a trout guides perspective I'll say this, most of the magic I see happen is within 40 feet, and most of my anglers can cast comfortably and somewhat efficiently at this distance. The problems still arise however because they haven't practiced roll casting, a reach mend or proper mending techniques. We are still coming up short in the last steps to catching that fish because we are not prepared. I will say we because I have been that guy. I have been short. I have scared the hell out of fish. I have let a guide down or made him mutter something under his breath and I used a credit card to get myself into it all.


Mean while back on the Ranch we are whacking them on dries. Seriously this is the best fishing of the year. Weather wise, snow pack and water-snow equivalent numbers don't look so nice. If things stay this way it could look a lot like the drought year of 2012 around here. Run off was quick and light in 2012. We had a 4 week pre run off float season when it's usually a week at best ( it was awesome and no one was here.) We picked people up at 5 am all summer so we could be off the river by noon as to not stress fish. Our usual fun on the Eagle from the boat with dry flies didn't happen in July it happened a month earlier.
I'm no meteorologist but I have worked outside since I was 20, I got the wrinkles to prove it, this year could be a tough one for my rivers. Anything can happen around here in the next few months and we all certainly hope we get the snow we desperately need. If the snow does not come the season will be best early, like now through June, don't skip it, just plan accordingly.

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