Trib Nutz

To peg or not to peg.

Truth be told I don't peg much with clients, most of you are to slow and end up foul hooking stuff. The truth hurts I's some of the truth I am finally coming to terms with.

We called it Trib Nutz and it became the dirtiest thing I have ever done to fly fishing.

Filth, Shame and a pinch of pride

The Blue flavor is delicious

We bounced "Boehiem Balls" throughout my homeland

No bead regulation water Brown Trout

Video coming soon

Stupid War Pig 

We sat down at headquarters and shot a few tying videos this week, one of which is about Trib Nuts. I had not tied them in 3 years and have only used them sporadically out of fear of someone catching me with it on my leader. After I whipped out a few on camera during a great bullshit session with Jmac and Chef we decided to run it through our home water. I feel dirty still.

Carry On

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