Don't be such a pluck up

My boat is not a place to turn people into world class casters, there just isnt enough time in a day. Frankly some of you "expert" anglers have a ton of bad habits but you get it done so I am not about to poke around your process and potentially have you slide back wards. You may need a chiropractor or a fancy wrist brace when you are done but I will be on to the next Lefty wanna be.
One of the most common casting styles I have seen over the years is the "pluck".
The Pluck is a short over powered cast or hook set that originates with the rod tip pointing straight up in the air as if dude is high sticking. For the most part the plucker is an experienced fly angler who has lost the ability to manage slack line with his hands for some reason. I think it's called getting lazy. They understand that slack needs to be managed but have reverted to bad habits one of which is to hoist the rod up in the air to take slack off the water. Most of us who watch the train wreck daily would love for the rod to ride in the ready position which is very low to the water as the tip follows your offering. If the rod is in the ready position and ones hands have efficiently collected up any slack (instead of fighting each other) the rod is allowed to use its full power during a cast or a hook set. If the rod tip is 10 feet above the water the guy running the stick has to over accelerate the line in a short, abrupt motion which leads to not only over powered hook sets but piles of slack on the forward cast.

Numero uno dropper right now. Still doesn't help hook fish if you are a pluck up tho.

Drop your tip you dirty plucker and those casts will be better and more importantly you are probably going to hook and land a few more trout.

Carry On you filthy plucks.

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