Fishing with a Yeti

In April 2000 an Eagle Colorado man discovered Bigfoot tracks along the Eagle River while fly fishing. To be honest I am surprised more sightings are not reported by fly fishermen, I always see Yetis and Leprichans on the river.
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My friend Yeti Joe showed up in the Meadows the other day for some dry fly fishing (says he will never be caught dead with a bobber rig) and told me that Eagle story was just a big hoax Vail Resorts drummed up. Always trust a Yeti.

Since we were already pillaging his hole he decided to help me guide for a minute. 

Sightings 15 years ago were always during warmer months when Sqwatch was comfortable wet wading. Recently the Ol Fella has been seen during colder weather thanks to his new Simms waders and boots from Minturn Anglers.

Get your kids off the couch and maybe experience something REAL for a change.

Thanks Yeti, great seeing you again, till next time you hairy bastard.

Carry On

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