Better Mouse Traps

It's no secret how important Pats Rubberlegs are to fisherman who have bigger insect life tumbling about their home waters. The movement the legs give this fly is deadly especially in high dirty water when naturals are often swept from safety and into feeding lanes. Most guys in my locker room have them in several sizes and colors, including the "Spicy Pickle" and "Cat Poop", both of which have proven themselves day after day. Still, if people never tinkered with perfection we might all be listening to cassette tapes still.


Black on Brown #8
Brown Thinskin
Buggy Nymph Legs, Brown
The 20 wraps of .020 lead free weight is flattened with pliers to open the gap as far as possible and better mimic the flat body profile most large bugs have.

Mottled Yellow Fino Skin, Rust wire rib and Root beer Buggy Nymph Legs.
Dirty water Salmonfly filth.

#2 Spicy Cucumber. 

This crap has been falling out of my man purse ever since I invested in a few boxes of pig sticker hooks and decided I didnt actually like tying or fishing pigstickers. Any big hook with a sexy bend and large gap helps the old lady bend at the hips for a more seductive look (I think). This is the first season with Harelines Buggy Nymph Leg providing the movement and I have become a big fan of the colors, the smaller diameter and durability of the junk. New materials have become the best way to build better mouse traps and every year the industry provides us with new bells and whistles for our mad science experiments.  

 "Bareback Pats", Not in stores near you.

Still messing with Golden Stones on Jig hooks for spring. Now carrying them in #12 and this new #8 Wishing someone would make a long shank jig hook since not everyone ties a jig like a euro comp dude.

The main mission around here is to be a step ahead of mother nature on the vise. Trying to prepare for conditions like runoff ahead of time makes it easier to feel prepared when it arrives.

Carry On 


  1. Winner winner chicken dinner. Great looking stone... May have to try that on a few old pig sticker hooks I haven't touched on years for the same reason. Very impressive.

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  4. I'm with you, Bob. A longer jig hook! My boxes are getting stocked back up with a dark and light stonefly jig tied heavy like a sparkplug. I just can't get turned on by those pigsticker hooks. Mine will stay in the drawer. Good stuff per usual, Bob. Keep it coming.