The best Winter fishing EVER.

SERIOUSLY.....THE BEST conditions for early February anyone can remember.

So far, this has been the winter that wasnt and while some of the ski peeps are losing their minds the fish are psyched.
I am not one to get to freaked out about the weather, it's coming, it always does.

But what if it doesn't?

Well then you will be listening to the chorus sing "you should have been here yesterday"

Suffered through a few 50 degree days in January early February

Don't look back this spring and wish you fished the best winter conditions ever.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you should be fishing today.

Lulls in the fishing can be typical during winter fishing, usually because of water temps, weather or lack of available bio mass. This Feburary has been much more like spring as the fish are visibly fattening up before my eyes on loads of bug life and this has made things tricky at times.

Lots of sun bathers and even a few risers in the neighborhood to sneak up on


The stomach pump has been full of large midge larva and almost every knot, hook or split shot is covered with them after just a few drifts. The fish have gradually turned away from the larger lead flies of late as they seem to be keying in on Midges. Strangely enough this is when red, purple and blue patterns pay the bills.

5 doubles that afternoon (that's something I count)

There's a lot of love up here right now, maybe it has something to do with cupids day. All I know is this has been one of the best stretches of winter fishing I have ever experienced. Get up and fish so you don't have to hear some ass tell you how good it was yesterday. 

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