Wacky Winter Weather

To say the weather here at 8000 feet has been unseasonable would be an understatement. We have been spoiled rotten by an abundance of open water and eager fish for more than a few weeks and old man winter is still not threatening to come around. Very comfortable March like conditions. Enjoy.


They don't have that color on Photoshop 

Must taste good

Meadow Midge Eater

#10 1150 Caddis  has taken more than it's fair share as of late

That fly was tied at a recent tying night hosted by Crazy Mountain Brewing

lil red has gas

The up coming 7 days have above seasonal temperatures in the forecast (mid-high 40's) you should get out and wack a few with me. Winter will be back for sure but while we wait I have some special swag for anyone that mentions this stupid blog and contacts me direct. Each person gets a FREE Logo Bamboo Long sleeve Tech shirt ($59 value) and 12 Custom Bugs (worthless) with any trip done with me before February 20th,

That actually starts to make it worth hanging around me for the day.

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