My Summer All Star Team

Fly Fishing is hard work and I would like to recognize parts of my club for their hard work and willingness to give themselves up for the greater good of the team.

Beadheads are a very big part of my game especially from a boat when fishing dry dropper and 5/64th tungsten has been my bead of choice for a long time. While black beads have long dominated my orders, 2014 has officially been the year of the Whitehead.

Don't be scared

They aint

Big time producer in #18-24, gray, olive & black

Knocked off just about everybody (Silvey) with some new fun stuff from Hareline. Check this wiggle dub out when you get a chance

Flies are getting more expensive everyday, so it pays to tie now more than ever. Being a mad scientist and taking some liberties with tradition and leaving the manual on the shelf can pay off, just think outside the box and be brave.

How many flies are you finding in your local shops with white beads?
What color do fish see the best? hint, hint

Sally? BWO? PMD? not sure it mattered 

Burned a lot of swiss straw wings this summer

Never to far from a purple sharpie

I messed around with this shit real hard this summer, some of you in the know, know, what I know now......Team Zit is here to stay.

Next week I'll roll out my non beadhead team and it's heavy on the softhackles again.

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  1. Great lineup of flies-- damnit, now I'll have to buy a bunch more beads and mess with the white bead theory a bit