Blame Me

Certain days just feel right, but that doesn't mean things don't go left for no reason.  Earthlings were constructed with the need to know "why", "what" and "how come" to a fault, especially when the end of the game doesn't end up like it was planned. It's called blame and anglers are a group of anxious little haters who are always looking to convict something or someone for ruining their good time.

 Most of you angler people should learn to blame me.

Every time you move a fly rod I want things to end up looking like this.

I am one of the true villains in this sport, I am always waiting to spread my evil wherever anyone is trying to catch a trout. I can mess a cast up like no one's business, doesn't matter how long you have wiggled and waved graphite.
Stare me down and use me to mend with and you can float your feathers long believable distances, panic and I take advantage of you badly. Go ahead, don't let that rod load, after your forward stroke I will be right there in front of you all piled up, pissing you off.
One of my all time favorites is when you invite me along while you chuck streamers; if you include me in your fun, all that strippin will never move yer meat, or a fish....just me.

The pressure of fishing around a SIR can mess with your game if you let it.

Drift, Drag, Fly, Sun, Moon, Clarity, Line Management, Air Temperature, Water Temperature,Bara-effing-metric pressure.

Shitty Oars man, Bad knots, Dull hook points, Some power generating dam and the guy who messes with flow, ice in the guides, Bad guide.........whew, I could go on, it's a huge list of things to possibly blame.

Truth is, all on the list are but minions to me, just a few of the demons that help me to ruin your day. If more than one of them join forces with me in tormenting you, we can make fly fishing way harder than it's supposed to be.

Blame me, my name is Slack

Booze, good food, bad food and long nights are all necessary parts of a good fishing adventure that when not handled carefully can end up devilish minions in your boat.

BTW, I am having more fun than I should giving a few people heartburn with the titles of my last few blogs. The only other times this blog had better traffic was when I put the words sex appeal and terrorist in the title.

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