Respect, Censorship and #20 Stoneflies

The few of you who read this crap  have noticed a blog post missing.
I in no way meant to disrespect any one, any place, any fish, any guide and especially any river. My opinion on bought or stocked fish was just that, my opinion. My goal was to show respect for a river that was already perfect in my eyes, but my lack of skill with words left too much for interpretation and I apparently butt hurt some of society. Every fish that I net gets treated to thanks, praise and gratitude; Every single fish....... big, small, Rainbow, Brown, Whitie, Sucker(maybe not), Wild or Stocked has helped contribute to my little families well being as well as my clients happiness and I am always thankful. Moving forward, I promise to work harder at expressing my often off center, stupid takes on a sport that takes it self way to seriously with more clarity and attention to grammar.

#20 Golden Stones are still showing up in my friends faces

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