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Super cool shot of my old weathered hand from Wales Madden

Over 9 feet of snow has been reported here since the beginning of January. While it doesn't stop the fishing, it slows everything way down, making for a great time of year to catch up with the webs brightest blog talent.

RA has been at it again, check out his Film Tour submission, an Alaska Video.....more genius  
Love me some FRANKENFLY
Front Range Guide Love for Juan Ramirez, dig it Juan, keep them coming.
Meeeechigan Love; RISING TROUT
Can't keep my face out of The genius that is Ed Engle

Waiting Patiently for goodness from the offices of Block and Zimmerman

ENJOY, stay warm and dry, tie some

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  1. Thanks for the blog love!
    I just found your blog and will now follow.
    Hopper Juan