Switching 2 Double Dries

Spent the last 3 Days with time on my hands so i wrapped them both around Ms. 4wt Switch.


There are still some minor issues but so far this thing has done everything I've asked including some dry fly action with my boy Spacc.  Switch line might not be for delicate situations but by making the leader 12' long we could manage to present flies to sipping fish in slow water. Double Dry/ Dropper, a hybrid double spey, Midgezilla and Raisin Run all to ourselves on a 45 degree March day= Heaven. It's still all about the Midge.

The fishing this week has been pretty consistent. There were definite lulls in the action at times which is predictable with the late winter/early spring conditions.With daylight savings and some warmer weather, the system is going to be a tad confused which results in little periods of down time. Clarity on the lower river is starting to look like spring and most of this early color can be cold water. We fished from edge ice most of the time Tuesday and I couldn't get the sound of rain drops out of my head. I realized the cantilever of solid ice was about 6 inches above the water and it was raining down there. All that ice melt equals cold water. Mother nature can try and trick us during the early, very fish- able period of pre- run off. She warms us up enough to take the heavy jacket off and fools us into thinking that's what the trouts are doing too.

Didn't take Spacc very long to get back in a groove

A few of you have been asking the when question. We are sitting around 70%  of our snow pack for the Colorado Basin at the moment and the fingers and toes are crossed in hope for a snowy March/April. Simply put we are still way behind in our numbers and its looking like another tricky year. We are looking at 3-5 more days of very warm weather and some rain/snow mix after that here in the Eagle River Valley. The next few weeks will give us a better clue, but it's feeling like things are going to be early again.

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