Way to hack up a good memory

Got to chatting with Jmac the other day about teaching people how to hold fish for a picture. I dug around and found a few examples of how not to.

Classic pose by most dudes from south of the Mason Dixon line. Least his stubby fingers were not in the gills.
The full hand cover.

 The Hug.

The Stiff Arm. Damn you have giant hands and short arms, BTW you need a manicure.

The squat.

The Drops.

Ultimately it's on me to show peeps how to hold a fish. I show em once and if they botch it the rest of the day they can be bummed when I send them the pics. Handling fish is the main reason we hurt fish and when there are other dudes on the river I'm just not going to leave fish in the net for an hour.

Be very careful wearing stupid glasses while there is a camera around


  1. As if we don't have enough to teach them in an 8 hour window already, Geez!!!

  2. The more they squirm the harder the squeeze... Take it easy texans its not oil. Good post bobber. From my tiny experience the brown trout are more at ease in front of the camera than the Bows. Maybe it's the German in them.

  3. Thank you for not including any of mine in there. :-0

  4. I came close Mr Booangler. You just cover the tail of most of your fish with your back hand. I will say this though.....for someone who catches so many fish you would think you would be better at holding one. Rest easy,you dodged this grenade. Love ya

  5. Fuck, How many fish pictures do you need anyway. Just get them back in the water and get over your small dick syndrome; except Magnum