Fork You, its Feburary

Just finished scrubbing things up for a float on the Fork tomorrow with a couple of my favorite clients, Alan and DJ. These guys only book trips in the winter.....for good reason, its crazy good. It's certainly no secret and it can be a trick to schedule if your weak when it comes to the weather, but if you take the risk, the rewards can be great on this world class fishery. No pressure, clear water, plenty of bug life and fish who love to eat the egg. Honest report to follow.

Alan with a fine Roaring Fork Bow from last February

I will never understand some fly fisherman's reluctance to fish egg patterns, it is certainly nothing that I suffer from. One day last year I was wade fishing a spot with a couple of clients and we were having quite a day. A local fishing the other side of the river finally broke down and asked what we were using, "eggs" I replied. He shook his head and said he didn't have any so I offered to walk a few over to him but he explained he never fishes them. 20 minutes later he disappeared leaving me to try and explain to my clients there wasn't any controversy or ethical boundary we had crossed. They must have been convinced because they stopped asking questions and went back to railing fish.

Small molting Golden Stones are a favorite winter snack and a good point fly for those not willing to toss Egg a Muffins.

Another bad choice.

 On a positive note our coldest months historically are past us. The most snow usually comes in March and April but the bitter cold should be about done. There are some killer deals on trips this time of year, mention this stupid blog and I will sweeten it some more.

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