JMacs Girdle

Quick and easy guide fly this week. I got fancy for the picture and put wing cases on, only because I needed to play with the new UV clear coat Kit got me for Xmas. The quick and easy going to loose them any ways version does not require as much fluff. 3 materials and some lead and you have a different spin on your Pats Rubberlegs, Bitch creeks and Girdle bugs, which we all use alot.

December 30th and its going to be a bluebird 48 degrees on the Roaring Fork, fourth in a row according to the only other guide on the river. Hatching Midges, 38 degree water, perfect clarity and no pressure on the next to last day of the year.  Convinced beyond a doubt that magic began at the end of the boat ramp, Jmac and I KNEW it was on.  I'd love to tell you that's how it went, but it didn't. Id like to tell you that guide fly worked wonders,but believe me, nothing in the box smelled right. We did tail hook one on a streamer and I might have farmed another but that was the whole story. Seven beers in the cooler and we took 4 home........ Fishing

tough to tell but that rock is still 25 ft above the water.
Last day Canyon fishing for 2011


  1. I like that stonefly pattern. Care to share the recipe?

  2. Sz 8-12 nymph hook of coice
    8-10wraps .035 lead
    Barred crazy legs
    Brown or Black Mohair
    3 strands of black crystal flash for the wing
    no muss no fuss and easy to loose