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The Big Zim has a crush on this little piece of work I've  been calling "Scoots". Floated the lower Eagle with Jmac and JK yesterday and threw this in the middle seat of the parade (3 streamers). I've been tying it in Olive and Fox Variant in size 8 incorporating a few of the tricks we use for "Sams Sock". All that bunny can lead to a few tail strikes but by finding a hook you can bend and opening the gap has increased hook ups ( thank you Hutch).

Theres a few hooks on the market that you can bend with out breaking, these size 4 streamer hooks are from Orvis. I have tied the fly on straight hooks and bent them later but I find it easier to bend a few before hand and go from there.

Back to painting split shot again, I guess it's this crisp fall weather that seems to bring out the arts and craft side of me. Has your state outlawed pegged eggs like Montana? You'll be surprised how many fish eat yellow tin. Check out for more about it.

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