Redfords Butt Crack

I have a serious problem.
I can't get Redford's Butt Crack off my mind.

I am guilty of not only thinking about it when I wake but I have been playing with it, poking at it and tweaking it and then working it hard all day in an attempt to wreck it. Something tasty comes to my attention and I have to have it, lots of it, like crack 😝

Redford's Butt Crack has me spinning out of control this Fall.

I just can't be on the outside looking in feeling like I am missing something hottt, so when I heard how much play Redford's Butt Crack was getting I had to figure out how to get a look at it and maybe start messing around with it before everybody hears about it.

Sorry cupcake, this is not about Robert Redford or his ass.
This is all about Duane Redford's Butt Crack Baetis and it's crushability during a BWO occurrence.

Duane Redford's Butt Crack Baetis with a Bobber twist....

Guide, Coach, Author and Good Friend Duane Redford is one of the fishiest dudes I have had the pleasure to trade lies with. His attention to detail makes him a next level player in a world where observation rules who wins consistently. D man and I have only been trading next level crap for a few years now but it is always quality poop worth trying on the river and at the vise.

"I don't know what I don't know about fly fishing yet" says Duane at most of his speaking engagements.
That speaks volumes when our club has so many self proclaimed experts. The guy continues to learn and I need that shit piled up around me so I get better too.

You can get all the stink too!
Duanes Blog, The Fly Fishers Playbook

Check out Duanes Books, The Flyfishers Playbook, First and second editions

Duanes speaking schedule is usually posted here on Fly Fishers Playbook facebook page.

This whole thing started with little bits of white foam and beads that started getting stuck to flies dropping off the vises of Redford, Fly Doctors Scott Thompson, Alex Forsberg and myself two summers ago. Trout see the color white extremely well but sometimes the bead was too much so we started tagging white foam to all sorts of nymphs with great success. 

Two bits of white has to better than one. D man 's abdomen and tail is like the picture. I am responsible for the  Hare's Ice Dubbing Grey, his is a touch different.

This things still under wraps per say. He's not giving up his crack to just anybody as it is currently under consideration by a major fly distributor but he thought it would be safe here since there is only four or five of you who read this pile of scat..  

A couple of strands of  some crystal braid help to form the hair in the crack.
 I used rootbeer, Duane don't

I have even busted out the beads for this hot little piece of....

What? It helped it get DEEP.

This has started to go to far.

Seriously, give this little concept a try next time you are out parked on some picky BWO eaters and hopefully look for it in your favorite fly shop soon.

Carry On Perverts

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